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EMFIT QS+ACTIVE™ – Sleep Tracker & Monitor with Heart-Rate-Variability – Under Mattress Sleeptracker - Helps You Sleep Better

EMFIT QS+ACTIVE™ – Sleep Tracker & Monitor with Heart-Rate-Variability – Under Mattress Sleeptracker - Helps You Sleep Better



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SLEEP BETTER & STAY HEALTHIER – Understand your sleeping habits, see the sleep patterns, recovery and improve your sleep quality based on data collected during the night. Better sleep means huge benefits where you’ll stay healthier, reduce stress, maintain healthy body weight, and possibly prevent or lower the risk of future health problems like diabetes and heart disease.

PERFORM AT YOUR BEST - Emfit's QS+ACTIVE gives you a detailed description of your sleep quality and progression of recovery. Armed with this information will enable you to make well-educated choices for daily workouts, meetings and other important events. You’ll know better when to keep pushing, and when need to take it more comfortable.

PREFERRED CHOICE FOR ATHLETES – QS+ACTIVE is the only contact-free health and sleep monitor on the market that can provide whole night heart-rate-variability (HRV) for recovery and readiness analysis. HRV makes EMFIT the best choice for professional athletes along with active and busy people who like to follow their daily load and nightly recovery.

EASY TO SETUP & USE - There’s absolutely nothing to wear and no need to turn equipment on and off. Just slip the ultra-thin sensor under your mattress and plug in the control unit. When you go to sleep, it automatically starts measuring, and data will be available for deep insight from your smartphone, tablet or computer in the morning after you leave the bed, all you need is a Wi-Fi connection.

ACCURATE MONITORING – Measures heart and breathing rate (highly accurate, clinically validated), different sleep stages, movement activity, time in sleep and time in bed. Data is available in the progressive web application with any desktop or mobile device browser — no messing around with mobile apps.

Package includes:

  • Medical grade under-mattress sensor, size 6 x 56 cm
  • Sensor surface material is leather look PU.
  • Electronics is connected to the sensor with 1,8 m (6 ft) braided cord.
  • 5 V medical grade power supply (input 110-230V AC) with plug adapter either for European countries, The United Kingdom, Australia or USA & Canada, depending on where you live.
  • Set-up guide
  • Declaration of Conformity (EU CE mark) as radio equipment (RED)

Free* Software-as-a-Service (SaaS):

  • Web application to access the data with any browser
  • Detailed sleep reports
  • Long term data trends up to one year
  • Access to export the data at the .csv format
*  The web service is free for private use. For business and other professional use, monthly fees are applied. Please contact us.

    Data features:

    • Whole night heart-rate-variability (HRV) RMSSD in 3-minute epochs
    • Resting heart rate
    • Sleep stages (REM, deep, light, awake)
    • Heart and breathing rate every 4 sec.
    • Sleep score
    • Tossing & turning, movement activity
    • Time in bed and sleep
    • Autonomic Nervous System (ANS) balance


    • Uses 2.4 GHz WiFi, 802.11 b/g
    • The 5 GHz Wi-Fi is not supported.
    • >10 hours memory for in case of interrupted wi-fi connection
    • Embedded and cloud data processing > does not need to wear out your phone battery for data processing.
    • FCC & CE certifications
    • Does not contain rechargeable or other batteries
    • Various APIs are available for research and other professional use (monthly fees are applied)

    2-year full warranty:

    • Equipment may be returned for replacement or repair


    • Restful stay awake in bed is interpreted as sleep

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      • Bank deposit.

      Note: If you like to purchase the cellular data model (3G), instead of the Wi-Fi model, it does not include the mobile data package (sim card) and you need to purchase the optional mobile data package as well. Our provided SIM card is roaming in Europe and the USA. 

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